Compliance Assurance Practices

In this fast changing world, the Economy has evolved with multitudes of convolutions in terms of Accounting, Law, Compliance and Commercials both procedurally and functionally.A need has arisen for every business house to infuse sophistication and adhere to standards set from time to time. This has warranted formation of a separate regiment of professionals to handle the bothering issues that spring out from the reformative initiatives of government. Added to this, the delays or lack of updated applications tend to eat up the revenues silently. This will have a snow balling effect if left unattended. Hayagriva understood the pain points of their clients and have taken conscious call to remedy the inconsistencies and offer a wholly structured end to end solution to business enterprises under the banner of u201cCompliance Assurance Practicesu201d as a division. The frame work of the solutions encompasses the whole gamut of Governance, meeting the customary guidelines and laid out standards.

Under Compliance Assurance Practices (CAP), we offer the following specific services to the clients as a u201cCompliance Partneru201d

  • Accounting Services - Standards & principles as per GAAP (Tally)
  • Financial statements/reports, FA registers, audit preparation & assistance and MIS
  • Taxation u2013 Direct & Indirect taxes computation and filing of returns (including GST)
  • Company Law & Secretarial u2013 Notices, agenda, minutes of board meetings, filing of reports & annual returns with ROC
  • RBI / FEMA u2013 Documentation and filing of ECB, FDI, AAC, APR & OPE
  • PF & ESI u2013 Preparation and monthly filing of remittances with PF & ESI
  • Payroll u2013 Salary process, computation of TDS and statutory dues remittances